Your Participation

We are looking for participants!


Are you interested in participating in one of these studies? Please read the descriptions below to find out if you are a suitable candidate. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope to see you soon!

Focus Group

Are you watching series on Netflix? Do you often watch several episodes in a row? Maybe more than you wanted? We are looking for people who are willing to share their experiences with intensive series consumption in a group discussion with others.

Home Study

Would you like to see Netflix for science? Do you own a laptop? We are looking for participants for a home study. On an evening of your choice we will monitor your Netflix consumption with a browser extension and a Smartwatch.

Cinema Study

Do you like watching series with friends? Do you live in Fribourg or nearby? We are looking for friends or couples who would like to watch series in a cinema environment in our media lab. We collect several psychophysiological measurements, such as your heart rate and skin conductance, while you watch the series.


Sleep Study

Are you interested in the effect of Netflix consumption on your sleep? Do you live in Fribourg or nearby? Are you willing to spend three nights (not in a row) in our sleep laboratory? We are looking for participants for a sleep study in which we assess the quality of your sleep in relation to media consumption before going to bed.

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