Wednesday, May 13, 2020 (19.00): Get- together

L’Ancienne Gare (L’Ancienne Gare, Esplanade de l’ancienne- gare 3, 1701 Fribourg)

Self- pay


Thursday, May 14, 2020


Definition and measurement of binge- watching (9.00- 12.30, Per21 B205)

  • Andreas Fahr & Björn Rasch: Welcome Address
  • Alexander Ort (University of Fribourg): What defines binge- watching? A typology of TV-series users
  • Mareike Jenner (Anglia-Ruskin-University): Controlling television: Binge-watching, technology and the schedule
  • Maeva Flayelle (University of Luxemburg): From gratification to compensation: what drives binge-watching behaviors?


Break (30 Minutes)


  • José Cordeiro (Técnico Lisboa): BWDAT – A research tool for analysing the consumption of VOD content at home
  • Deborah Castro Marino (Erasmus-Universität Rotterdam): The binge-watcher’s journey. What subjective and objective data can (and cannot) tell us


Lunch Mensa Perolles (12.30 – 14.00 Uhr)


Effects of binge- watching (14.00- 17.30, Per21 001)

  • Dominique Wirz (Universität Fribourg): Do cliffhangers trigger binge-watching? Effects of cliffhangers on entertainment experience and the desire to continue watching
  • Christiana Schallhorn (Universität Mainz): Effects of binge-watching on transportation and attitudes
  • Andreas Fahr & Michelle Moeri (Universität Fribourg): Observing Netflix use at home: The effects of binge watching on emotional experiences, parasocial processing, and entertainment


Break (30 Minutes)


  • Selina Combertaldi (Universität Fribourg): Influences of social media use on sleep architecture and sleep quality
  • Björn Rasch (Universität Fribourg): Binge-watching in the sleep laboratory: Effects on objective and subjective sleep parameters


Guided city tour of Fribourg (17.30 – 19.00)



Dinner (19.00)

Brasserie du Commerce, Boulevard de Perolles 69, 1700 Fribourg)

CHF 40



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