Presentation of first results at ECHC

First result of the project will be presented at the European Conference on Health Communication (ECHC), which takes place in Zurich in November. The presentation shows that the addictive potential of binge-watching is influenced by the motives for media use. While individuals who watch TV series to escape from their daily lives and to feel less lonely show higher addiction symptoms the more often they binge-watch, there is no such relationship for individuals who binge-watch to feel entertained or to relax. Surprisingly, also individuals who binge-watch for social interaction with friends and to learn things about life show higher addiction symptoms.

Here you can find the full conference program.

Ort, A., Wirz, D.S., & Fahr, A. (2019, November): Is binge-watching addictive? Differential effects of motives for TV-series use on the relationship between excessive media consumption and media addiction.

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