Presentation and Poster at DGPuK in Munich

We will present results of our research at the 65. Annual Meeting of the German Communication Association DGPuK in Munich.

Are you still watching or are you binging? – A typology of serial users
Binge-watching is often considered as a problematic form of media use. Given the broad definition of the phenomenon, it is however questionable if negative effects can be related to all forms of binge-watching. Based on survey data, we present a typology of series users, which shows that there are different types of binge-watchers, and not all have the same tendency towards addiction.

Watching series without an end: The influence of cliffhangers on the entertainment experience and the further use of TV series.
Cliffhangers are a common style element in serial entertainment. We investigated if they motivate binge-watching, as they are generally designed to bind the audience to a show. In an experimental study, we found that cliffhangers do neither affect the enjoyment of a series, nor the intention to continue watching the show. However, cliffhangers increase arousal and stress after the viewing session. Previous research suggests that this might negatively affect subsequent sleep.

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